Reviews for bear hunt

What everyone says about We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

“Swishy Swashy! Squelch Squerch! It’s no surprise at all that We’re Going on a Bear Hunt has become the classic picture book of the past 25 years. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is the ultimate join-in book of all time. Michael Rosen’s bouncy text and Helen Oxenbury’s warm and funny pictures, including a nearly scary bear, are irresistible to children and their parents. We’re looking forward to a year of celebrations and bear hunts across the country, to make sure that every child in the country has a chance to Go on a Bear Hunt again and again!”
Jane Winterbotham, Publishing Director

“A dramatic and comic masterpiece… Beautifully produced, written and illustrated, this is a classic work for any age at any period.”
The Independent on Sunday

“A big bold story perfectly matched by Helen Oxenbury’s illustrations, it captures the happiness and excitement of a family day out.”

“Already a classic, this picture book will capture the imagination of any child…a great tale to read out loud.”
The Sun

“Lovely to read aloud and beautiful to look at.”
The Sunday Times

“It’s practically a crime not to own a copy.”
Sunday Express

“On a rainy day, this story is a wonderful way of escaping the confines of the sofa, by suggesting the squelching of muddy fields, the crackle of wild woods, and the swirl and bluster of a snowstorm.”